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Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, in November 2009

…The Sinaloa Symphony Orchestra of Arts graced the evening endorsing the title granted by the Mexican Association of Theatre Critics as the best Mexico Symphony Orchestra, from the stunning opening to the last chord the OSSLA gave life to the jewel Verdi transporting viewers through the various scenarios and situations involving unfortunate Rigoletto. 

Larry Harris played the buffoon protagonist of the story, the daughter Gilda was personified by the great Mexican singer Maria Alejandre, Juan Carlos Valls acted as the Duke of Mantua, the Count Monterone, was led by Oscar Velázquez, while the murderer was Sparafucile played by Rosendo Flores and Oralia Castro took the role of the assassin's sister Magdalena.
 Local talent was present with Armando Piña interventions (Marullo) and Andrew Carrillo (Matteo Borsa). The choral work was in the hands of the Opera Choir directed by Sergio Martinez Sinaloa. 

Harris achieved a flawless portrait of the simpleton of the court, on the one hand the ruthless accomplice of the Duke and the other the loving father. The story of love, betrayal and tragedy kept the expectant crowd, locals and visitors filled the TAP to witness the premiere of this work in Mazatlan. Each of the pictures of the three events that make up the staging were awarded with individual applause from the audience. 

It was Maria Alejandre, who managed to start the stronger and prolonged applause, bravos gushing well, with the aria Caro Nome, where attendance gave a passionate performance in which his voice wrapped contagiándolos attendees feel love Gilda for his alleged suitor.
 Another of the most emotional moments was definitely singing Rigoletto sad realizing that you have taken his pure love to his family only to get back at him, and then the happy reunion with his daughter crying disconsolately. 

Juan Carlos Valls, conquered the audience with the famous aria that makes known to work, La donna è mobile, in the third and final act in which Rigoletto Sparafucile directs Duke's death to avenge the pain caused to Gilda.
 However Magdalena is also seduced by Mantua asks his brother to forgive him life and killed the first outsider to reach the place. Gilda hearing this is sacrificed by the Duke into the room. With his dying daughter in her arms, on the banks of the river incio, Rigoletto recalls the curse of Monterone and inconsolable crying. 

The musical and vocal work was the core of the co-assembly of the Municipal Institute of Culture Tourism and Art of Mazatlan and Sinaloa Institute of Culture, which featured virtual scenery, costume details and a good job of lights framed talent artists on stage.

Notably pleased with the excellent work that was done and excited about the public response, the Maestro Enrique Patron de Rueda applauded from the pit each of the arias sung by the singers.
 Then at the end, joined the cast in thanking the audience attendance and applause that lasted several minutes.